I find this stuff fascinating too. I am going to order this Hayes book; it's been on my radar too and I don't see it having a US release date yet. I've read both of those Ilgunas books, and yours of course (my favorite of them all, duh) and I never get tired of thinking about it. Actually, I DO get tired, but only tired of the bullshit cult of private land ownership. That whole idea of "intrusion" really chafes but it is such a thing. Then throw in the aisle's worth of surveillance camera bullshit at the Costco and ... don't even get me started.

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Aug 12, 2021Liked by Antonia Malchik

I found Debt to be a really interesting read. Not so much because it strongly convinced me of anything (although that was only a first read, and I do owe it some more time); but because it made me realize how stuck in my thoughts I was in that area. It gives alternate framings that, at least in my experience, really helped me re-index stuff I had taken for granted.

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