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As an former avid concert goer (stopped when I became a solo mom) I feel the same way and thank you for articulating what I’ve been feeling but could not quite pin point. I still remember my first concert to see Wallflowers thanks to radio station give away (remember those?!) when I was 16. It was a turning point for me as I experienced that feeling of crowd energy and exhilaration There is something transformative about the concert experience which I always wondered if and how it could be translated to social change, the way it changed me.

I have probably an unrealistic expectation of the human’s capacity for change and the ski story confirms that. There is more I want to say about but my brain cells are running low these days !

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Never! Not loud enough! LOL. Hadn't heard that Coates' quote before but it's perfect.

And you are so right -- the opposite of a cult. And feeling like your vote doesn't count is exactly what conservatives want liberals to believe. Meanwhile, when they aren't suppressing votes, that are telling their own supporters how important it is to vote.

Maybe abortion is finally going to get more and more progressives out to the polls.

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You might enjoy this (not too long) article since you are only the second person I know that went to math camp. My old hometown friend John is Professor of Mathematics on the Elizabeth Stillman Williams Chair at Vassar College. John got his PhD in algebraic topology.

The Patterns of Poetry: On the Mathematical and Poetic Value of Numbers ‹ Literary Hub (lithub.com)

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Antonia, I have to say this - I never laughed so hard reading something so full of vigour, humour, and deep compassion. “to share their craft as part of sharing experience and love and agency and fierce joy in being who they are and loving whoever and whatever they damn well please.”these lines hit me like a bus. Yes creation is the hallmark of identity, the one real thing that no one can take away from the creator is his creation because we create from an intangible centre of existence, in Sanskrit it is called ‘Aatman’ - the essence that enables life to exist in the physical form.

I adore the spirit, light, and humour that you bring to your community. And I feel your fears, anticipations, and anxieties. I see you. 🌼💜

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I used to tell my students that "systems determine behavior" and the response was underwhelming. Not that you can't get them to draw diagrams of systems and have, maybe, a better awarenss of the interconnections of things, but taking those realizations from, say, a food web or even the feedbacks that created the Dust Bowl, to apply them to their individual lives is not something I seem to be able to do. They aren't prepared to hear it. And then I think of the journey from childhood - when the books I read most at, say, age 10 were barely accurate biographes of heroes (Washington, Boone, etc.) and what I futilely dreamed about was being able to hit a baseball like Stan the Man - to now, I get it. Stepping outside the self (the ego, really) is hard. If things in your life are bearable, why would you make the effort?

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Thank you, Nia; this was wonderful and thought-provoking, as usual! <3

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I love the joy of this, of those feelings in a concert--I went to Brandi Carlisle and Sarah McLachlan (!) last summer and was struck at how much it felt like pure joy, everyone singing along, everyone there to watch and support talented women and bask in the love of music. It was bliss. And I also felt like you, that it was such a reminder to see thousands of people--many queer, many women--together in joy. In generous spirit. And how often we don't get to be reminded that by so much of what is put in front of our eyes to read and consume and interact with. I love that you shared this because it too reminded me of those times I've experienced, and how joyful so many thousands of people can be in one spot. Those are moments and times to hold on to tightly as mooring in the rest of the world's bullshit. 💜

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Man, maybe you should stop writing such fluff and try to tackle something with actual weight in your next newsletter. LOL LOL LOL.

Couple of things. Would love to see what you make of SEA and sidewalks and walking general in places like Bangkok. Because let me tell you that it can be a challenge for Westerners!

As for that moment of purity and joy and power you describe feeling with 69,000 people and wondering why it doesn't catch fire and spread out from that stadium like a wildfire, I don't know.

I think it's just hard to keep that level of feeling up for very long. I know there have been times I've gone to all sorts of events and had that pure moment where I am CERTAIN this is going to fuel me in whatever way I'm feeling inspired.

Only to pretty quickly lose it and be back to trying to do whatever I'm trying to do without that burning energy.

This probably doesn't even make that much sense. LOL. Oh, well....

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Your aurora photo reminds me of one of my favored descriptions for why one lives in MN. There is one very BAD REASON for living here but hundreds of wonderful little ones. The aurora just happens to be one.

I am going to listen to the Planet Critical podcast as it seems to align with the program I mentioned that I'm currently taking.

Music, especially live music, remains an experience that brings people together. Can we call you a Swiftie going forward?

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Ohhh science fiction belonging and identity! I am looking forward to this.

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