Sitemap - 2022 - On the Commons

Realizing a better future requires us to imagine one

Whose untold stories become part of our own

There are no closed systems

Slide into the cold and dark

Reading the Doctrine of Discovery: Papal Bull "Romanus Pontifex" of 1455 and Papal Bull "Inter Caetera" of 1493

What would aliveness look like?

Reading "In the Courts of the Conqueror: The 10 Worst Indian Law Cases Ever Decided," by Walter R. Echo-Hawk

An unintended Twitter hole


The land we won't share

The fox owns herself

Reading "Land," by Simon Winchester

Where does belonging land?

Reading The Charter of the Forest (signed in 1217) and "The Charter of the Forest: Evolving Human Rights in Nature" (law paper, 2014)

Reading "The Land We Share" by Erik T. Freyfogle

What a walk can't cure

Reading "Who Owns the Earth?" by Andro Linklater

On the walking composition

Footsteps and Past Selves

Correction to (correction to) Threadable link

Reading on Land Ownership

Hands and Metaphor

Truth and Beauty

A glance called memory

Land and Bears (always more bears)

Blood and Water

On Writing

Meaning and Exile

Owning and Letting Go

Cranes and a Lit Festival

Give and Take

Target and Crows

No Trespassing: Overview

Soil and Dirt

Babies and Being Human

Introducing "No Trespassing"

What "but" buries


Walks and Music

Women and Dirt

How to build community part III

Breezes and Unseeing

How to build community part II

Russia and Culture

How to build community part I

Captivity and Care

Light and Forever Wars

Silence and Compassion

Russia and Viruses

Wood and Questions

Grief and Amadeus

Light and harbors

Somewhere in between

Ski bum

Mythologies of ancient Anglo-Saxon identity in America's "stand your ground" culture

Wolves and kinship

Halos and hope