Sitemap - 2021 - On the Commons

Crows and hope/loss

Public good(s) and the case of the missing bus

Soil and Strife

The shape of gratitude

Hunting for the story of gratitude

Connection and trust

Reframing history and adapting to shifting historical narratives

Discuss metaphors

Community and language

Chokecherry residue

Of Wolves and Sensemaking

When a problem is systemic (or, you can't solve for traffic)

Curiosity and Buying America

Sauerkraut and saving slugs

Identity and change: the American Prairie Reserve

Event notification

Of bears and women

Walking by ghosts

Together, composition

Abundance and resilience

Exclusion and Access

Trespass and perception

The True Believer

Barbed wire and pronghorn

Weight and History

Writing is dumb and beautiful

What is the point of anything but also I need to make dinner*

Big Truck, Pioneer Spirit

Privacy for the vault

Soil and solace

Big trucks and judgement

Expanse and plastic

On consideration of dirt

The self in flame

Thistles and sacrifices

Light joy and the Magna Carta

Owning the . . . all of it

Only the Lonely

How are you really?

Mind and Sky

(Virtual) reality

Native Soil and the Yearning for Identity

Settling in with the chickadee

Roots and revivals

It's not going to be okay

Freedom of faith and feet

Faith, fear, and religious certainty

Power and priorities

Buying America and embattled local control

Island books, entitlement, and memory

Entitlement, American gentry, and the legacy of Maurice Minniefield

Vodka and vaccines

Small gods and patriotic neoliberal decay

Laughing at extremism won't make it disappear

Walking composition

Walking composition

Walking composition

Walking composition

The body keeps the score

Walking composition

The East India Company and the power of stories